Go for a sail...Go fishing...at Mariager Fjord

Mariager Fiord and all way up the east coast give good opportunities to catch fish.

On fortunately we can’t guarantee bites every time – but almost!

Through the all season you can catch herrings, mackerels, eels and garfish. Through the summer you can catch flounders and seatrouts.

Good luck to everyone!

If you want to do a sailing trip, you will get a wonderful experience. The nature all around Mariager Fiord is just beautiful. What about sailing from Hadsund to the lovely fishing village at Stinesminde? Or visiting the pretty town Mariager. There a lot of reasons why Mariager Fiord is called the most beautiful fiord in Denmark.

We are renting out good and stabile 13 feet dinghies with 8 h.p. engines.

The dinghies are sanctioned for maximum 3-4 people.

Respect the rules about fishing in Denmark

- everyone between the age 18 ti 65 years may have a legal fishing sign

- mind the rules for sizes of the fish and closeseasons

- mind the nature and the life of the birds where you are fishing.

Renting price per dinghy: Danish kr. 800,-

For 8 hours, including lifejackets and fishing rods.

You pay Danish kr. 1000,- in deposit and have to show identity card with picture.

No permission or license for sailing the dinghy.

Minimum age for the hirer is 18 years.

Cash payment before departure.

Renting periods:

July: all week from 9 AM to 8 PM

May, June, August, September: and October Only weekends from 9 AM to 8 PM

For further information, please contact

Hadsund Jolleudlejning

(Hadsund Dinghy rent)

+45 22 95 40 89

or mail: info@Hadsundjolleudlejning.dk